My work represents a continuing interest in materials and craftsmanship.  The nature of materials contain and suggest ideas to which each of us responds differently. It is my intention to use materials with careful attention to their inherent properties with the end result being respectful, but with a very different purpose.  The materials used are from processed and manufactured goods, with an emphasis in wood.  These I have manipulated to make objects that relate to the organic world.  Part of the irony is in taking processed materials, changing the shape, using joinery, knotting and other techniques and turning them back into structures alluding to nature.

               - Carley Warren

However intellectual a work is,it is never independentof its material...Anthony Caro

Older and Taller

Trees have been on this Earth longer than Humanity.  They survive in the same environment and contribute to the health of our planet.  Many live much longer than we do without any help from mankind.  They live below ground and above ground and are as vulnerable to weather, drought and fire as we are. Yet mankind has destroyed trees and forests for hundreds of years.  Trees are cut down, cut up, hauled out and cut up more.  A prime example of mankind believing the Earth is for its use. True, the products have housed us and kept us warm and some have been put to elegant use.  But do we take too much for granted?  Forests are disappearing in our world and they contribute immensely to the health of our environment.  Wood has integrity.

               - Carley Warren

A quote from Michael Dowd, "...trees are the lungs of the Earth!"