...Warren's human scale sculptures explore architectural forms and materials by expanding, miniaturizing or otherwise reinterpreting the idiosyncratic details of architectural contruction.

...Warrens sculpture's evoke familiar visualforms but then use them in wholly original, unexpected and sometimes unsettling ways.

                    The Aspen Times, June 22, 1989

...And in "About Time" a small but lush show at Artyard veteran sculptor Carley Warren again exhibits her skill at making objects speak.

               Mary Voelz Chandler, Rocky Mountain News March, 2001

Golden-based sculptor and installation artist Carley Warren has been a fixture on the Colorado art scene for decades. Along the way, she’s developed a unique signature style that refers to nature and human relationships — not through representational work, but by conveying the ideas conceptually, using simple forms carried out in simple materials, typically wood.

                    Michael Paglia, "Coming Full Circle", Westword, May 20, 2010

...if these sculptures take inspiration from cribs,they are in no way meant to explicitly represent them.These pieces are decidedly abstract in nature, and they are first and foremost about the interactions of form, line, and texture.

Kyle MacMillan,"Works Add Heft to Sculpture Scene", Denver Post

Colorado based sculptor Carley Warren has built a career of breathing life into the most basic of materials.

Mary Voelz Chandler,Rocky Mountain News

“Every art scene has them — those quiet, dependable artists who never achieve much visibility yet produce high-quality work year after year. A prototypical example in this region is Golden sculptor Carley Warren.”

... Warren's ever-varied abstract works ... they always exude a fresh, inventive vision, with a strong sense of form and an instinctual understanding of materials.

              Kyle MacMillan,  "Sculptor Carley Warren Fashions Conundrum into Art", Denver Post